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This section of "Use Your Garden" is a directory of UK garden centres including national brands (Including B&Q) to local independent garden centres, such as "Evergreen Nurseries Gloucester" We hope you find the best garden centre for you.

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All About Gardening

The all about gardening section of this website is just as it says. A complete knowledge-base about how best to use, plant and maintain your garden.

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Trees, Shrubs & Flowers

Our encyclopedia of plants as we photo them, looking forward to spring to get this project launched.

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Garden Furniture

Our site aims to introduce you to the best and most unique garden furniture items, from seats to pergolas.

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Garden Offices

A garden office is a wonderful way of using and enjoying your garden. Where better to enjoy work than in a bespoke garden office. Working not far from home, but not actually in your home.

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Vegetable Gardens

Our findings in all aspects of vegetable plots and growing your own food.

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Landscape Gardeners

The section on landscape gardening is contributed to by Lee Williams a Cheltenham Landscaping Company Owner.

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Garden Advice

As we are given gardening advice we will be posting in or new gardening advice blog. Currently being started.

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Contribute To Use Your Garden

We are always looking for contributors to our gardening guide, if you help us we can send traffic back to your gardening social media channel.

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Section Content goes here about gardens and gardening. Section Content goes here about gardens and gardening. Section Content goes here about gardens and gardening.

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Online Garden Supplies

As we find quality suppliers of plants, accessories and tools for your garden we will be listing them here on our garden supplies section.

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